Maker Mends Ltd can provide insurance claim support with valuations and supplying, repairing or remaking any lost or damaged items.
We have a specialist department that works directly with insurance companies, claims managers and retailers. We provide an appraisal service advising if the items are customer damage or wear and tear. We then can carry out all remedial work inclusive of renovations, replacing stones or remaking jewellery.
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Advice when taking out jewellery insurance.
Follow these simple steps to ensure you receive a fair and reasonable payout from your insurance company in the event that you need to make a claim.
  • Keep your receipts or use a Receipt Scanning App to scan and record information about the purchase.
  • Photograph your items along side a measure to give an indication of size.
  • Photograph yourself wearing the items.
  • For high value items obtain an up to date Valuation Certificate from a professional source. Maker Mends offers this service, call 01268 564 651 for more information.
  • When taking out House Contents Insurance make sure you declare any high value items or you may find your payout is restricted to a much lower value.
  • Check the single item limit on your policy to make sure you've got the right amount of cover in place.
  • Check if your jewellery is covered when you are out and about.
  • Check if your jewellery is covered for accidental loss or damage.
  • Check your travel insurance to check the circumstances and value of cover.
  • Speak to you insurance company and ask what they need from you in the event of a claim to prove value.
  • Be aware of your Policy Excess charges.
Offer to photograph items belonging to elderly relations and make them aware that the value may have increased over time and to check that their insurance covers the pieces. Insurance companies will only pay out the listed value of an item.

Do you own any high value jewellery? Take a photograph of the item next to a ruler and send with a description (including metal type and stones) to our What'sApp service 07534 659247. We will advise you of a rough value and if you should obtain a Valuation Certificate.

photograph jewellery items with a measure

Bespoke Valuations - we undertake a detailed examination, description and valuation of jewellery sufficient to provide an accurate basis for an insurer to pay out in the event of a loss. This also provides your customers with the information they need to insure the goods for a sufficient value that will compensate them for the loss. A full description of the pieces is provided. All materials are identified and in addition, gemstones are graded for colour and clarity. All weights, dimensions and proportions are noted. A value, relative to the purpose of the Appraisal is recorded. We strive to record as much information as possible about the items. Using digital technology we photograph and supply as many images as are required to give a true and accurate representation of the pieces Any damage or wear is noted with suggestions of remedial action that should be considered. The valuation report and images are supplied in an attractive quality folder for your customers to keep.
Basic Valuations - we undertake a detailed examination, description and valuation of jewellery sufficient to provide an accurate basis for an insurer to pay out in the event of loss. This is printed out and sent to yourselves.

For further information on our Valuation Service Tel: 01268 564651